Freak Painting Wars 2020

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Freak Painting Wars 2020


One more year Freak Wars will held Freak Painting Wars 2020, our painting contest with which we intend both to encourage wargamers to enter the world of painting, as well as to test those who already master it at a high level. We want this contest to be a path for those who have just started to reach the great masters of painting.


As this year is going to be very special due to the online version, there are a few changes that you should know:

Online format

Participating this year will only require you to fill in the participation form. To do this, you only have to click on the red link that says "FORM" and enter your data as well as those of your works presented together with their photos. Registration is free so it is the ideal time to enter the world of contests. For each miniature you will have to take between three and four photos: front, two side, and an optional rear or from another point of view if you consider it.

Dates of the competition phases:

  • 10/08 - 06/09: Online registration phase
  • 07/09 - 12/09: Popular voting phase
  • 13/09: Voting phase of the jury and announcement of the awards

Popular and judges voting

This year we are launching a popular voting phase. In the period indicated above, everyone will be able to vote on the works of others, indicating whether they like it or not. With these votes we will form a classification of the most outstanding works, choosing for each category a number of works according to the total of those presented. In this way we will avoid that deserving works are left out of the final vote of the judges. Finally, the judges will decide the award-winning miniatures.

Raffles for Standard participants

Participating in the Standard Mode will have a very special incentive. And it is that our sponsors will raffle among those who present all their works within the categories of this modality (excluding the winner of the Best of Show and with a maximum of a single prize per participant). Each participant will have a participation regardless of the amount of work submitted. So if you were thinking about it, this is definitely the ideal occasion to participate, since registration is free and just for showing up you will enter the draw for all these prizes:

  • CORVUS BELLI: 120€ voucher for their online store (excludes Partner products)
  • SCALE 75: 100€ voucher for their online store
  • IMPRIWARS: M-size figure carrying case with Freak Wars logo and methacrylic door
  • LANDSCAPES IN DETAIL: 60€ voucher for their online store
  • BIG CHILD CREATIVES: 50€ voucher for their online store
  • VALLEJO: Two prizes, each with 2 packs of paintings to choose
  • MINIATURAS MAGERIT SIGLO XXI: 40€ voucher for their online store
  • HERA MODELS: 25€ voucher for their online store
  • ARRIMODELS: 45€ voucher for their online store
  • TODOART/ROUBLOFF: Two prizes, each with a 25€ voucher for their online store

We trust you

Every online contest has a risk of fraud. The first thing we have to say about this is that we trust you. Our community is very special, it is easy for us to get to know each other and it is usual that there is a good atmosphere when we meet. In addition, our judges are artists more than experienced in the world of contests and they can quickly differentiate when fraud is attempted. Still, we trust that it will be a contest with healthy participation :)


This year we will have a very varied set of judges who have very different painting styles. From more wargame oriented works to purely artistic ones, the judges will be divided into the different categories to judge the works.


  • Standard: It is the general category for the public over 14 years old. It will be an Open format and will have numerous categories, each one awarded with different products from our sponsors:
    • Individual miniature (Scale less than 40mm): Individual miniature with scenic base, scale less than 40mm.
    • Individual miniature (Scale greater than or equal to 40mm): Individual miniature with scenic base, with a scale greater than or equal to 40mm.
    • Bust: Bust of any size.
    • Vehicle, war machine or monster: Any type of vehicle, bipod, war machine, monstrous creature (giants, dragons, etc.), ships, planes, tanks, etc.
    • Unit or band: Set of a minimum of three models of any scale that comprise a unit or band in its context on individual or shared scenic bases with up to a maximum of 12 models.
    • Diorama: Stage representation through miniatures of any scale.
    • Event miniature: Individual miniature. Any of the miniatures of the event from previous editions will be valid. You can find the miniatures of the event here: This year's (Crab Samurai) does not enter the contest.
  • Master: It is the top Podium format category for painters who want to demonstrate a level beyond painting and the set of techniques that surround. It only has four categories, but they are the only ones awarded the Freak Wars trophy:
    • 54mm or less: Creation carried out with one or more miniatures with a scale of 54mm or less.
    • More than 54mm: Creation carried out with one or more miniatures with a scale larger than 54mm.
    • Bust: Individual bust of any scale.
    • Open: One or more miniatures of any scale that complete a scene, a diorama, monster, war machine, form a unit or do not fit in the rest of the categories.
  • Special Categories: This modality focuses on any work presented on the following topics:
    • Hera Models Award: Any model of the Hera Models brand. The winner will receive an exclusive trophy of the contest.
  • Best of Show (BoS): This last modality includes all the works presented in the Standard and Master categories. It has a single prize of 200.00€ in cash that will be awarded to the best work. This award excludes winning any other award for the same work.


Freak Painting Wars 2020


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