Alfonso Giraldes - Banshee

Alfonso Giraldes (Banshee) - Jury of Freak Painting Wars 2021

Alfonso Giraldes, also known as Banshee, is one of the most emblematic painters of our hobby, and part of the mythical Spanish Team. Since his beginnings in the world of miniatures more than 20 years ago, he has worked for important companies in the sector, such as Knight Models, ForgeWorld or Scale 75, and has made boxarts for a huge number of brands and of all styles.

For years he has combined his work as a freelance painter with his passion for teaching, having travelled more than 15 countries giving courses and creating the #fucksmoothness trend. Now, he is the director of his own academy, MiniatureArtAcademy, where, together with other important and great painters, such as David de Blas (Basilisk), Marc Masclans or David Arroba, he teaches from colour theory and basic techniques, to the whole creative process behind the painting of boxarts for commercial brands and his vision of this art.

As for his experience in contests, not only has he won numerous prizes in important international competitions, such as San Savino, Crystal Brush, World Expo or Golden Demon in different countries, but he has also been part of the jury of those same contests in different years, becoming an eminence and a reference in the sector.


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