Ángel Giraldez

Ángel Giraldez - Jury of Freak Painting Wars 2021

Ángel Giraldez is undoubtedly one of the most mediatic painters in the world and hardly needs any introduction. Since his beginnings in the world of painting more than 20 years ago, he has earned a well-deserved reputation as a professional painter, becoming one of the iconic figures of brands such as Vallejo.

He began his professional career at Corvus Belli, where he was the main painter in the studio, until he founded his own studio, called Studio Giraldez. From there, he started working as a boxart painter for numerous international brands, to the point that his name is already recognised as a brand on an international level.

In terms of painting contests, he has won several Golden Demon awards, as well as his experience as part of the judging team in other important painting contests.


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