María del Carmen Ruíz - ªRU-MOR

María del Carmen Ruíz (ªRU-MOR) - Jury of Freak Illustration Wars 2021

María del Carmen Ruíz, known artistically as ªRU-MOR, is an artist who has been closely linked to our hobby for many years already. She has always been passionate about art in all its variants, working from art restorer to graphic designer for videogames.

And as for the hobby, she has also been in different areas. On the one hand, she has worked as a miniature sculptor for well-known brands such as Willy Miniatures and Avatars of War. However, now she is mostly dedicated to illustration, highlighting especially the art she has created for Osprey Games, (Ragnarok, Frostrgrave…), Saga, or numerous magazine covers for historical publications such as Desperta Ferro.


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