Riccardo Agostini

Riccardo Agostini - Jury of Freak Painting Wars 2021

I’m Riccardo Agostini, a 40 years old italian painter. I was always interested in art, studied at university and always present in my life thanks to my grandfather's painting and sculpting background. But I I started painting miniatures for display quality only very recently though, 5 years ago, but it became very fast a strong passion and soon also my job. Before that time I was just a player of boardgames who slapped some colors on the models.

When I decided to become serious about it I ended up being a collaborator first and then a full member of the Pegaso Models and Kimera Models team: as a painter, marketer (my main profession actually) and one of the heads of the company.

I love contests a lot, they give you the opportunity to see the amazing work of other people and compare yours side by side with them to improve, pick up new ideas, get inspiration and most of all connect with the people behind the art.

I love this world and I hope to be a force to push it forward and make it more inclusive in every aspect.


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