Acrylicos Vallejo

Acrylicos Vallejo will have and stand in Freak Wars 2022!

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Vallejo – acrylic paints since 1965.

Acrylicos Vallejo produces different ranges of product with specific colors for modellers; such as Model Color for brush on techniques, Model Air for airbrushing techniques or Game Color for table top game miniatures. Vallejo range of products includes also several ranges of exclusive colors for historical or fantasy miniatures, armoured vehicles and specific ranges for the reproduction of weathering and scenery effects.

In the late 80’s Vallejo formulated an acrylic paint originally thought for animated films (cartoons) and the first range of acrylic colors specific for modelling was launched in 1991, Model Color. Back then it wasn’t common to use water-based acrylic colors for miniature painting but, thanks to its easy of use and the lack of solvents in the formulation, Model Color became one of the favorites amongst modellers across the globe. Since the 90’s up until today, Vallejo has developed the widest catalogue of acrylic products with the same mentality as before, offering professional and amateur modellers a selection of products of exceptional quality avoiding the use of solvents in the production process.