Freak Wars '23 Ticket


* Reduced price type: Chooose this option only if this ticket goes for a kid between 6 and 14 years old, a disabled person with a discapacity of 30% or higher, or a large family member (this two last cases will require certification before access to the event)

Be a part of the largest miniature event with the Freak Wars'23 ticket. You only have to choose between acces options and, if applies, discounts.

Freak Wars '23 is the biggest hobby event in Spain, your opportunity for having access to a family space full of wargames activities, board games, modeling, painting and cosplay with all the fans in this incredible community.

This ticket gives you access to:

  • Brand stands area, more than 100 entities from every branch of the hobby at your disposal, with news presentations, workshops, activities and more.
  • Associatios area where you can try games, assist to whorkshops and many more.
  • Free presentations zone.
  • Assist as spectator to the tournaments zone, the artistic contest zone and the various hobby exhibitions.
  • Free games and family activities during the event.

This ticket does not include any tournament, contest and or pay presentations, you have to buy them to live the experience as you like.

Available ticket options

These are the ticket options at your disposal to choose from:

  • Type of access: To choose when you want to enter the event.
    • Standar: Access at 10:00 am for the day/s you purchase your ticket.
    • Early access: Access at 9:00 am for the day/s you purchase your ticket. If you buy this ticket for Saturday you will be able to enjoy the brands full stock and make sure you get the Stand Rute gifts, ¡¡A full extra hour of Freak Wars!!
  • Ticket type: You can choose between normal, free if it is for a 5 o less years old or reduced price if you are one of the following:
    • You are between 6 and 14 years old (legal tutor will be required).
    • Father or mother of a large family (acreditation will be required)
    • You have a disability of a 33% or higher (acreditation will be required)
  • Access day: You can choose between coming the full weekend or the day of your choosing.