Mindwork Games


Mindwork Games is an Italian company that produces high-quality resin miniatures for collectors and figure enthusiasts. Born in 2015 by the creative mind of Matteo Di Diomede, Mindwork Games combines a taste for the bizarre with an unquestionable love for art.

Our main mission is to bring into three-dimensional life the works of the most famous fantasy artists worldwide like Patrick J. Jones, Gerald Brom, Donato Giancola, Frazetta Girls, and many more. In constant back-to-back collaboration with the artists, our team of sculptors is able to produce figures of unmatched finesse and dynamism.

But it doesn’t end up here. We also produce all of our resin kits in-house, thanks to a close-knit team of resin casting and molding. The production team works closely with artists in order to deliver a physical product as close as possible to the original artwork.

Mindwork Games also produces high-quality art prints on cloth canvas from the most captivating artworks of its featured artists and delivers their artbooks worldwide.

With over 50 miniatures released in less than 2 years, the largest roster of fantasy artists, and a strong internal team constantly growing, Mindwork Games is determined to enlarge its already impressive range of figures and expand its reach outward the 75mm scale miniatures.

At Freak Wars 2022, new figures releases will be available for purchase only during the show, aside from the other most recent releases such as Donato Giancola’s Empathetic Robots series, Frank Frazetta’s Eowyn vs The Nazgul Lord, and Oz from the
art of Gabriele Dell’Otto.

Many new accessories for the hobby, like the Wet Palette - made in collaboration with Creative Tools - and the MaxArt Brushes set from Tintoretto.

Last but not least, the biggest reveal at Freak Wars will be the very first original Mindwork Games board game named… MADREAD! At the Mindwork booth, there will be a dedicated zone to test in an exclusive worldwide demo premiere of the features of the game.