Discrimination for any reason, whether due to gender, race, religion, ideology, or any other reason not included here, will not be tolerated within the Freak Wars event and organization.

At Freak Wars we have always promoted the inclusion of different groups that are less attended by the hobby (women, young people, families…). In Freak Wars 2019 we have already created a non-discrimination protocol that we are now completing. This protocol is the result of it.


With this informative protocol we aim to minimise or eradicate possible situations of discrimination that may occur before, during and after the Freak Wars event and its surroundings.

As part of our efforts as a non-profit and solidarity event, we also want to do our bit by supporting actions in favour of gender equality and racial, sexual or ideological non-discrimination among others, that may be generated in the context of this event.

The protocol is not limited to the on-site event but also concerns its social media, press releases and any other exposure where Freak Wars and its organization is involved.


Prior to the event

All official Freak Wars communication channels aim to promote non-discrimination of any kind towards wargaming, miniature painting and modelling and cosplay fans.

Throughout the year, these communication channels (web, social networks, press releases) will be open to seek maximum exposure for all types of audiences, attending to minority groups in these leisure activities.

In the event

During the event, specific activities will be carried out (Cosplay is not consent, solidarity or women's lectures, collaboration with charities…) to promote non-discrimination or exclusion of any kind.

Both the event and the activities carried out in it are completely open to anyone, as long as they respect the rules of coexistence and security designated by the organization.

Likewise, no one will be discriminated against for reasons of gender, race, religion or any other reason. The only limitations will be made on the basis of age (children's or adult contests) or capacity, which will be previously communicated to all audiences.


The entire Freak Wars organization is aware of these regulations and is alert to any discrimination.

Even so, any person who considers that they are facing an alleged situation of discrimination or harassment within the environment of the event may notify said situation by the following means:

  • Physical: by making a communication to the organisers in person in which at least several people from the organisation are present.
  • Virtual: telephone, email, Whatsapp, social networks or any other option where there is a written record (contact information at the end of this document).

In any of the communications, the privacy of the complainant will be guaranteed and it will be treated as a priority case within the organization. This discrimination will never be questioned and the case will be analyzed to resolve it in the fairest, most peaceful and empathic way possible.


Any discriminatory action before, during or after the event must be reported immediately to any Freak Wars organizer.

They (never volunteers or other assistants), according to their judgement and training, will act as follows:

  • Comment/action of minor severity: the aggressor will be notified of his fault with a brief explanation and a public apology to the person(s) affected will be requested. If he/she does not apologise, he/she will be invited to leave the activity. If their attitude is repeated, they may be blocked from communications or expelled from the venue/social profiles.
  • Comment / action of medium / high severity: the aggressor will be notified of his fault with a brief explanation and a public apology to the person(s) affected will be requested. Following the apology, the offender will be blocked from communications or expelled from the venue/social profiles immediately.

All interventions carried out by the organisation will be aimed at resolving the conflict in the most assertive, empathetic and conflict-free way.

For more drastic measures (enforcing the right of admission) or in more serious cases, the action of at least two organizers will be necessary to ensure, as far as possible, that the events do not escalate. In the most serious cases, the intervention of the State Security Forces will be requested.

In either case, the person concerned will receive an apology from the event organizers and, as far as possible, protection against possible discriminatory actions.


In the event of any misguided intervention due to a misinterpreted discriminatory comment/action, the organization undertakes to amend any damage caused.

This amendment will only be carried out if, after a review of the facts, it is considered that there was a bad action. In that case, the error will be made public and it will be communicated through the official communication channels of the event.