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We are pleased to present Freak Sculpting Wars 2023. We are sure you will enjoy the contest and we would be delighted if you could be part of the event.

We have prepared a quick summary with the most relevant information, but remember to read the full details of the contest in the legal bases.

  • DATE: 16 and 17 September 2023
  • MAXIMUM NUMBER OF WORKS: 8 (they can be digital and/or traditional)
  • DEADLINE FOR ONLINE REGISTRATION: To avoid delays in the delivery of the works, we recommend that participants register to the contest and their works online before 3 September at 23:59 (GMT+2) through the website of Freak Wars using the following web forms:
    Online works register form
    • Digital modelling: Works can only be registered online until 3 September at 23:59 (GMT+2). The 2 printed copies of the main view in A4 size, for the display and consultation of judges, must be delivered on Saturday 16th September before 13:00h (GMT+2).
    • Traditional modelling: Saturday 16 September before 13:00h (GMT+2)
  • SCHEDULE FOR COLLECTION OF WORKS AND PRINTED COPIES: Sunday 17 September from the end of the awards ceremony until 16:00h (GMT+2)
  • AWARD CEREMONY DATE: Sunday 16 September at 13:00h (GMT+2) on the Freak Wars main stage
  • JURY:
    • Juan García Fuentes (Winner of Freak Sculpting Wars in 2022)
    • Sara Glez
    • Fausto Gutiérrez
    • Alex Oz - Judges' Coordinator
  • PRICE:
    Online registration: 12€ per participant (not per work submitted)
    On-site registration (only traditional modelling):  20€ per participant (not per work submitted)
    For each registration, 1€ will be donated to charity.
    Remember that you must have a ticket for both days of the event, as the delivery of works is on Saturday and the collection of works on Sunday.




The awards ceremony will take place on Sunday 17 September at 13:00h (GMT+2) on the Freak Wars main stage. The organisers reserve the right to change this schedule if necessary.


  • The prizes will have an "Open" format: As many gold, silver and bronze as the jury considers will be awarded, there may be several prizes of each type.
  • Badges will be awarded for the gold, silver and bronze prizes.
  • Honourable mentions, called "Dragon's Fangs" will also be given to exceptional works. Those awarded with these mentions may not participate the following year in any category of the "Standard" division, being limited to the categories of the "Master" division.


  • The best work of the whole contest.
  • This award will be unique. The winning work will not receive any other prize.
  • Possibility of being part of the jury the following year.
  • Platinum Venerable Dragon Trophy and a €250 check by bank transfer.


In addition, for all participants, both standard and master, who register online, there will raffles of products and/or shop vouchers from different brands that collaborate with Freak Wars in the days prior to the event on social media. 

The raffles will be carried out by the organisation a few days before the event via Instagram to avoid waiting during the awards ceremony, as we already have a list of winners who can collect their prizes during the event.

A single participant may not receive more than one prize. Each eligible participant enters only one entry in the raffle, regardless of the number of works submitted.

Entrada requerida

To be able to participate in this activity you must have a ticket for the event. If you don't have it yet, you can add your entry here. In this link you have the description of all the types of tickets.

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