Registration for tournaments and contests: we answer your questions

How do registrations for activities in Freak Wars work?

We will use this post to answer all questions that may arise around the registration of the tournaments and artistic competitions that will take place in Freak Wars 2023.

As you know, Freak Wars is much more than an exhibition of brands, associations or illustrators. It is an event designed for playing and displaying of artistic works  that will be even more enhanced this year.

As of today, we have ticket sales open. You can get them at and it will guarantee that you can access the event.

A ticket is essential to enter any Freak Wars activity and is independent of registration.

The opening of inscriptions for the activities will happen later. We hope to have all open between March and May.                    

How do activity registrations work in Freak Wars?

The operation will be the same as last year. From our website you can register for any activity. These will be nominative, so it will be necessary for whoever is going to participate to sign up with their name and surname. Obviously, you can only register once per activity.

There is only one exception, and that is the registrations for the teams. In this case, they will be carried out by one person on behalf of the entire team, since the registration will be for the entire team.

In the case of tickets, which are mandatory to be able to access the venue for any activity, they will not have a personal character, so anyone can use the ticket or they can even be purchased for several people.

Can I buy the ticket now and then the registration later?

Yes, as we said before, it is advisable to get the ticket as soon as possible to ensure entry to the event.

Do I have to buy early access tickets to enter a tournament?

And, just like last year, if your tournament starts before 10am, you don't need to buy an early access ticket, as registration will grant you access before that time to be able to participate in it.

What tournaments will there be and what will they be like?

We will have a list of tournaments similar to the previous year. They will repeat all Games Workshop games, many of the others, and we are working on adding new ones.

As always, some will be totally competitive while others will be campaigns or just for fun, so as we announce them you will be able to choose the game and the type of tournament that best suits your tastes.

Will the rules of the contests change with respect to 2022?

There will be small changes, but the spirit will remain the same. We will have Painting, Modeling, Illustration, Stories, Scenography, Game tables and Quick Painting contests. In addition, we will give a strong push to the Cosplay and Prop Creation contest so that they are up to the level they deserve.

And of course, we will have the rest of the usual activities of the event that both we and the attending brands are preparing: talks, workshops, family games, challenges, etc.

As soon as we have more information prepared for you, you will have it both on our website and on social networks, so stay tuned!