The Crab Samurai warrior painted

As we announced several weeks ago, The Crab Samurai will be the commemorative miniature of this edition. It's based on the fantastic cosplay created by The Dunwich Crafter and that helped her to win the cosplay contest of Freak Wars 2019. Now we can finally show it painted thanks to the wonderful work done by the artist Angel Giraldez and the Vallejo paints.

Also in futuristic version in the same pack

In addition to this version, our miniature supplier Hungry Troll has also done a futuristic version based on the original idea, which is included in the same package.

How to get it in our crowdfunding in Goteo

You can get the miniature pack in our project published in the Goteo crowdfunding platform. We encourage you to help us finance the 2021 edition and we will send you the reward that corresponds to your donation. This will be the only way to get the miniature pack along with the exclusive Cangrecornios in their two versions.

Full process

Finally, we want to show you the full process from the cosplay presentation, through the illustration for the miniature design, to how it has finally been painted. We think that the result is really accurate and that has made the miniature look spectacular.