Kirill Kanaev

Kirill Kanaev - Jury of Freak Painting Wars 2020

Kirill Kanaev is considered one of the best miniature painters in the world nowadays.

He started painting toy soldiers around 1985, since at that time in Russia, where he was born, there was not much else to choose from. Shortly afterwards his father introduced him to the "Moscow Model Club", from where he continued to paint as a hobby.

But what made his jump to fame was the "Cool mini or not" portal, a huge source of inspiration for him, and where later his works received a great welcome, helping him to decide to take the step to devote himself professionally to miniature painting.

He has worked with countless brands from all over the world, painting boxarts for many products, and in all his works a hyper-realistic style stands out, especially in the painting of metals.

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