Freak Wars will have the only Warhammer Underworlds Golden Ticket in Spain

The Warhammer Underworlds Grand Spain Clash of Freak Wars tournament will have a Golden Ticket for the winner.

Freak Wars returns for another year full of great activities, such as the Warhammer Underworlds tournament. And as always, we try to bring you the best in the game.

On this occasion, we want to announce that we have become the only Warhammer Underworlds tournament in Spain with a Golden Ticket. This means a direct pass to the grand final of the Warhammer Underworlds world tournament that will be held at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Atlanta, USA, from November 16 to 19.

This Grand Spain Clash will be the biggest Underworlds tournament in Spain, a unique challenge for anyone who wants to measure themselves against the best. It will be both on Saturday and Sunday and will have around 100 places available.

How does the Golden Ticket work and what will I get with it?

Obtaining the Warhammer Underworlds Golden Ticket will not be an easy task, since the tournament that we are planning this year will have a large number of places and, as in previous editions, we expect a large influx of participants.

But, if you get the desired Golden Ticket, you will win a pass to the grand finale organized by GW, in addition to the hotel stay as well as a large part of the cost of the plane. This means that your trip to Atlanta will be practically fully funded (the specific conditions are yet to be confirmed by Games Workshop and we will publish them together with the tournament rules).

Therefore, GW will offer the place and the hotel stay while Freak Wars will finance as much of the trip as possible, adding part of the proceeds from the tournament itself and another part of the event funds.

With this, the winner will have a unique opportunity to measure himself against the best players in the world.

Is it necessary to have Spanish nationality to win the Golden Ticket?

Yes, it is an essential requirement imposed by Games Workshop since its tournament is a final by nations. However, this tournament is open to the public. Therefore, if you happen to be the winner and you do not have Spanish nationality, do not worry because you will also be awarded, you will be the winner of the prize assigned by Freak Wars for first place and the Golden Ticket will be assigned to the participant with Spanish nationality who has the highest score. obtained.

There will be many more prizes for everyone

Like all Freak Wars tournaments, the prizes will be numerous for all those who do not get the Golden ticket. There will be more prizes for the participants.

In addition, we will have the usual sponsorships from the brands. Thus, the tournament will be full of great prizes and will undoubtedly be one of the most exciting of the year.

Soon we will give you more information about the Warhammer Underworlds tournament

Surely you want to know more, but you will have to wait a bit. We are preparing all the details about how the tournament will be.

If you want to know more details as well as the opening date for places, stay tuned to the web and our social networks!