Support Freak Wars in our Crowdfunding!

With great enthusiasm we start our crowdfunding on the Goteo platform

Many times you have asked us why we didn't set up a crowdfunding or a price of admission to the event. And we always said no. No, because it is very difficult for us to value our work, to know if we are up to that price that we would charge, whether it is a reward for a crowdfunding or a ticket.

But this year we have seen the event in danger, so we thought it was now or never. We are aware that this is the worst time to ask for money, but if for you Freak Wars was a time to meet and enjoy this hobby to the fullest, as it is for us, it is in your hands to help us save it.

The financing of Freak Wars comes from only three ways: the brands that pay for their stand to have a space at the event, the merchandising and the tournaments/contests. When the event has finished, the remaining profit is reinvested in the following year's event.

Since doing the event in physical format in the situation we are in now due to the coronavirus is a complete irresponsibility we decided to do it in online format. This format considerably reduces our income and this may have consequences for the 2021 edition.

Thanks to the agreement we have with the Madrid City Council, we do not pay the full rent for the ground floor of the glass pavilion, we only pay 5% + VAT for two days, 2,904€. This is the only discount we have, the rest we have to pay in full.

In total the event costs 35,944€ and last year we were lucky enough to make around 3,000€ profit. Furthermore, all the prices I mentioned before can go up from one year to the next. If we had celebrated Freak Wars this year in physical, the expenses would have been the same, and the income lower, because there would not have been so many stands, nor the same amount of people would been able come. So, even if we had celebrated it, we would also be in a very dangerous situation for 2021.

On the other hand, the crowdfunding will also help us to do what was previously said, to value the work of these last four years and to know if it has really been worthwhile.

Finally, before going on to present the details of this crowdfunding, we would like to make it clear that everything we collect will be entirely invested in the 2021 event, except for a few percentages which will be commented later in this article.

Which platform will be used for the crowdfunding?

The chosen platform is Goteo. Goteo is a Spanish crowdfunding platform. It differs from the rest because it involves projects that generate the common good. Behind Goteo is the Goteo Foundation, a non-profit organization that manages a public-private investment stock exchange.

One of the strengths of Goteo is that by making a donation through this platform you can get up to 80% tax relief.

What will be in the crowdfunding?

  • Freak Wars 2020 T-shirt. This year the crab will star the logo, in honour of the Crab Clan Samurai, the character who won the Cosplay contest last year. It is available in male and female model. In the male model the sizes go up to 3XL and in the female one up to 2XL. The colours available for both are: gold, grey, dark grey, black, red, green and bottle green. And, this year we finally have T-shirts for children. The sizes are from 2 years old to 12 years old. The colours are brown, navy blue, green, pink, red, light blue, grey and black.
  • Last year we had the unicorn's T-shirt and this year as we have such a nice pet as the cangrecornio (which in Spanish would be something like crab-unicorn), we couldn't help but making a T-shirt with it. The slogan with which we identify a lot, "se ma pirao la pinza" (the translation would be "my 'claw' has gone", a Spanish colloquial expression to say someone has gone crazy). It is what they told us when we told others the idea of doing Freak Wars. The sizes and colours are the same as the Freak Wars 2020 T-shirt.
  • The miniature of the event, which we already presented with Juan from Hungry troll. The Crab Samurai is the miniature that this year Hungry Troll has made for us. It is inspired by the cosplay of The Dunwich Crafter and it has a fantasy model and a futuristic model. For each model, a crab accompanies it, so two crabs are included, which will only be available during the crowdfunding, they will not be sold again after. Both versions, fantasy and futuristic, are independent, so also this year, buying the miniature of the event, you will have two miniatures.
  • Deluxe cangrecornios. In Spanish they would be something like crab-unicorn. If you want to decorate your armies or compositions with these pets we also sell them separately. They are a little bigger than the ones included in the miniature of the event and it is the fantasy model of the cangrecornio.
The miniature is sold unpainted
  • The miniatures from previous years. If you are missing any, you have again the possibility to buy them. They are the rocker, the Magnus, the Blody Sister and the Monkey Queen, each with its two versions. They cost 7 euros each.
  • The dice. We repeat again with Akaro Dice. They come with this year's Freak Wars logo in gold on a beautiful marble green. If you have the ones from the last two years, you are missing these to complete your collection. The pair costs 4 euros.
  • The cards' deck. We told you before that not everything will be reinvested in Freak Wars 21 except a percentage and this is one of them. We have brought out a special product with a lot of love and we hope you really like it. This Spanish deck of cards has original illustrations of illustrators who have wanted to collaborate with this project. It costs 12 euros and everything we get will be donated to the association Grandes Amigos. This association is dedicated to the care of elderly people who are alone. They try to ensure that they are accompanied both in person and by telephone, they carry out campaigns to make the elderly visible, they recover the neighbourhood relationships as in the old days in order to prevent their loneliness and they carry out inter-generational leisure activities in groups to widen their circles of friends. During the confinement they had to redouble their efforts and we would like to thank them in this way. The artists participating in the cards' deck are:
    • Numen Skog
    • MR. Ziuk
    • Aroacastilloart
    • Sara Vidigal
    • Lunaevayg
    • Cruda
    • CSoler
    • Kumosplace
    • Ink-Sutdio
    • Mina starliart
    • La Veleta Orientada
    • AN_Rlyeh
    • Kiara Momoi
    • Pemi Art
    • Celeste Mur
    • Lanzastudy
    • Josezsketch
    • Pinceladaroja
    • Blue Wolf
    • Josecomic
    • Aguilerart
    • Mari.Art
    • Doscaras
    • Iriaon art
    • Patcas
    • Dena Boral

There will also be the winning illustrations from our latest illustration contests:

  • Elena Valero
  • Blocsanchez
  • Juan Acosta

Lastly, we have left another surprise. As you have already seen, we are in love with our cangrecornio and we wanted to cuddle it, but we couldn't, so we have turned it into a plush.

This plush, which is about 20 cm wide and 8 cm high, is handmade by a craftswoman. Its user in instagram is @peluchess_
It has all the details, it is very soft and very cute.