Freak Wars Online is here!!

Yes, we have been missing. Many of you have asked us about this year's event and we have answered that we were working on it and that we would give you news as soon as we had it.

After giving it a lot of laps and evaluating all the possible scenarios, we have decided that this year Freak Wars will be online. These are the reasons why we have made this decision ðŸ‘‡ðŸ»

The regulations that events such as ours will have to follow to give all security guarantees have not yet been officially specified.
The regulations that are currently in force do not allow us to celebrate Freak Wars with all its full features: tournaments, workshops, talks ...
We are not going to risk organizing Freak Wars without all the guarantees of safety and health for our visitors, team and exhibitors.

🤔What is Freak Wars Online?

During the days 11, 12 and 13 of September we will be broadcasting live talks and workshops, with the main players in the sector. We will also adapt our main contests to this online version. As well as new activities that we will create especially for this format. You can see these live shows on multiple platforms anywhere in the world. And also we will uploaded them to our channels after the event, so you will be able to watch them any time.

✨But there's still something else

You know that in Freak Wars we have always maintained our free and supportive character. This is something we do not want to lose, but the current situation leads us to an even more unstable situation.

That is why we will launch a Crowdfunding campaign to achieve more independence and quality.

Surely you have many questions, so we invite you to leave them all in the comments sections or private message us with them, as we will try to solve them all tonight at 22:00 (GMT+2) on YouTube and Facebook. And don't worry if you can not be online at the time, because we will upload the livestream afterwards.

Thank you very much to all!