Live streamings calendar

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This is the calendar of live streamings that we have posed as the prelude to our great event of wargames, painting, modeling, cosplay and board games. All of them will take place at 22:00 (Spain time GTM + 1) and will be available in deferred. Don't miss them!

  • July 16 | Artistic contests: live streaming about the artistic contests and how they will work. Cosplay will have its own live streaming.
  • July 23rd | Organized play: live streaming about the tournaments that will take place in this edition.
  • July 30th | Cosplay: all the details about the cosplay contest.
  • August 20 | Crowdfunding: we will talk about the mechanics we have posed to support our event.

September 3 | Lectures + magazine: we will present you the calendar of the lectures of Freak Wars online as well as the magazine in which you will be able to consult all the content of this great event.