Craftworld Studio

Craftworld Studio - Jurors of Freak Painting Wars 2020

Marko Miladinović and Aleksandra Cvetanovski are the couple behind the name of Craftworld Studio from Serbia.

Marko Miladinović is an artist of Applied Arts who strives for balance and harmony in all things. His view of the world is abstract and realistic at the same time, which is implemented in everything he does and creates. And Marko is very passionate about it. Artworks that he brought to live in his own unique style have great influence on painting community all around the world.

Aleksandra Cvetanovski is an Artist of Applied Art. With years of experience in traditional art and design, her love for Miniature Art started when she met Marko Miladinovic.
Aleksandra is inspired by fantasy art since her childhood. Following fantasy genre and art she is applying gathered inspiration in her works, as well as personal touch. Aleksandra likes to break rules in painting and to enjoy using colours.

Craftworld Studio style of painting is very recognisable in Miniature Art and here are some of Aleksandra and Marko’s Artworks. For those interested in learning from Aleksandra & Marko, you can join their Patreon where you will find many video tutorials, articles and exercises as well as coaching from this two artists.


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