The prizes of the contests and the deadline for submission have been increased

The artistic contests of this edition of Freak Wars are already in fully operational. We have already received many of your works, so we are very happy that this online edition is working. But we want to give you even more reasons to participate so we have decided to make two changes that you will surely like:


We are postponing the deadline until Sunday, September 6th. So we are giving you one more week to finish all the details of your works. And if you have already submitted your work, we remind you that you can edit your submission from the form itself. The popular vote will also be postponed, starting now on Monday 7 September and will last until Saturday 12.


We have increased the prizes for all three modalities!! We want to reward your work in the best way we can, so we have done the math and we have seen that the amounts of the Best of Show awards in each modality can be increased. So they are now the following ones:

  • Freak Painting Wars: 200€
  • Freak Sculpting Wars: 80€
  • Freak Illustration Wars: 80€


But that's not all, there's more. New brands have joined us with more sponsorships:

  • Freak Painting Wars : Miniaturas Magerit (40€ voucher in their online shop)
  • Freak Painting Wars: Vallejo (Two pairs of paint packs, to choose from their catalogue)
  • Freak Sculpting Wars : Green Stuff World (40€ voucher in their online shop)

We hope that you like all these novelties as much as we do and that we will see your works very soon. We remind you that registration is free and that a large part of the sponsorships will be raffled among the participants.