Merchandising FW 2022

Along with the campaign to make Freak Wars 2022 happen, we are also launching our merchandising products for this new edition.

This time they will be available in different packs with the FW 2022 campaign tickets. Don't miss yours, which you will be able to pick up during the physical event on 10 and 11 September.

Vynirös miniature, the Flame Reborn

Casted by Valquiria with high quality Feroca resin, our 32mm heroic miniature could not be anything else but a dragon. Named Vynirös, the Flame Reborn, is our particular tribute to a year in which we are going to roar again stronger than ever thanks to its protection and momentum.

If you want to know his story, we invite you to read the tale that María Guilarte has prepared for us.


Our dragon also deserves his own T-shirt. This time, he crowns our logo and will be wearing a beige T-shirt that we think is awesome. And you?

Please note that this is a prototype and may undergo some variation.


The already classic FW dice could not be missing with the collaboration of Akaro Dice. On this occasion, we opted for some white ones with the Vynirös dragon in black. What do you think?


Our Flame Reborn can also be your best companion to start the day with a coffee. To our previous products, we add the mug in this edition.


The winners of the Painting Contest always deserve a special place in our hearts, but this year we are also going to capture it in a deck of cards. We have compiled the most representative paintings of the last year to serve as inspiration for both painting and drawing. A collector item that has to be in your showcase.

Please note that this is a prototype and may undergo some variation
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