FW '22 campaign, do you have questions?

In this article we will try to solve all your doubts about the campaign to fund FW 2022.

If you have any unanswered questions or any other problem you may find, please do not hesitate to write to us at info@freakwarsmadrid.com.

What is the FW 2022 campaign?

Freak Wars is an event of wargames, board games, modelling and cosplay. In its last physical edition, in 2019, welcomed more than 10,000 people and managed that people experienced two days of tournaments, contests, lectures and exhibition of the hobby with free access for everyone.

Thanks to the 95% discount on the rent of the Pabellón de Cristal de la Casa de Campo by the Madrid City Council and the organisation created by volunteers, this event with these characteristics was possible. However, after two years in online version due to the pandemic and without the renewal by the City Council, the Freak Wars organization is forced to set a fee to be able to continue maintaining the costs of the event that grows every day. And so this campaign was born to raise part of the money needed to organise this event.

Where and when will FW 2022 be held?

If the campaign is successful (which we are sure it will be), Freak Wars 2022 already has a date and venue. It will be held on 10 and 11 September at the Pabellón de Cristal de la Casa de Campo in Madrid.

What does it mean not having the support of the City Council?

Despite the organisation's attempts to get the support of the City Council or to seek other administrative channels for cultural subsidies, all of them have failed. The Madrid City Council has not renewed its support for Freak Wars, so we no longer have the 95% discount on the cost of the Pabellón de Cristal. In addition, we also have to assume the costs of the medical device. Together, these add up to an additional €40,000 that we did not have to pay before. This is a very high amount that we cannot achieve by making savings in other departments or by increasing the cost to the stands.

What is the campaign about?

Basically it is a fundraising campaign to ensure the viability of the event. To achieve this, we are selling tickets to access the event. We give different modalities that you can consult and that go from 7 euros to 650 euros. A wide range of options for you to choose from.

In addition to the ticket, it is also possible to make an additional contribution of your own choice.

The goal is to raise the €40,000 that we need to be able to pay the event. If we don't reach that amount we won't be able to hold Freak Wars 2022. If we surpass it, we have a series of additional objectives that you can consult here.

You can consult all income and expenses in our Transparency section.

Why now?

Because Madrid Destino, the company that manages the Pabellón de Cristal, requires us to formalise the reservation of the space now. Formalising the reservation implies a payment of around 10,000 euros, which we would lose if the event does not take place. Therefore, we need to check if the community supports Freak Wars enough to go ahead with this project, or leave it here. If the campaign is successful, we will have enough money to make Freak Wars '22 a reality.

What if the campaign does not go ahead?

It will mean the end of the world, at least for Freak Wars :-( All the work done all these years trying to keep the flame of Freak Wars alive will be extinguished forever, because the organisation does not conceive the event if it is not physical and neither going to less after getting as far as it has.

We want to believe that living the Freak Wars experience for 12 euros more than the rest of the years should not be an impediment. But it's up to you, and we have full confidence in the community!!!

If it doesn't go ahead, will I get my money back?

Yes, if it comes to that, we will refund 100% of the money you have sponsored the campaign with. However, we will need about a week for doing all the refunds, but we are committed to refunding all money.

Why not somewhere cheaper, even if it is smaller?

As we said, Freak Wars doesn't want to go backwards not even for gaining momentum, but there are more reasons why it is not so easy to select a suitable space.

In Madrid, the venues that exist are generally between 3,000 and 4,000 square metres and the 8,000 square metres of the Pabellón de Cristal. Moreover, the Pabellón de Cristal is a professional venue with all its implications in terms of facilities and services. Returning to a sports pavilion or other similar location would mean a considerable reduction in the quality of the event and the conditions. In addition, the City Council has not given us any indication that they want to support us in another location, so our aim is definitely to be independent of the City Council's support and to have more flexibility to offer you the best.

And why not go to another city, you may ask, well, for several reasons. The main one is that a city like Madrid is the ideal place for the event to keep growing and offer better activities, tournaments, contests, lectures, etc. every year. In addition, there are many brands that directly ask if the event is in Madrid, especially foreign ones. Holding the event in any other city would make it difficult for brands, artists and foreign visitors to attend. And another reason is that we, the organisers, are mainly from Madrid. And since we don't get any kind of remuneration for doing all this, we at least need to have some kind of ease. Setting up an event like this somewhere else would involve a lot of travelling throughout the year, and we can't afford to do so much.

What about Covid?

The Freak Wars team have had meetings with the feasibility department of Madrid Destino, the company that manages the Pabellón de Cristal. They are in charge of ensuring that all current regulations are complied with. By this, it is guaranteed that the sanitary measures considered at the time of the event will be taken. Right now, at the opening of the campaign, these measures are restricted to the use of masks inside the pavilion and being in seats in front of the stage, as well as the use of hydroalcoholic gel.

However, at Freak Wars we are fully committed to everyone's health and we will ensure the safety of all attendees. We are the first interested in our event not being a source of infection and we will work for it.

I don't know if I'm going to be able to come, but I want to support you, what do I do?

There are two ways to support us in this campaign if you have doubts. On the one hand, the ticket is not nominative, so you can exchange it with another person. On the other hand, we also have donations, so if you wish, you can also help us with a donation without committing to buying a ticket. In any case, we encourage you to get your ticket, as it is possible that they will sell out.

What if the event is not held due to Covid?

Whether it is because of Covid or for any other reason of force majeure, you have everything explained in the general conditions section. But in short, we would refund the proportional part of the expenses that we have not yet incurred, taking as a reference the table of expenses that we presented during the campaign kick-off live. Above all, it would depend on whether Madrid Destino and other suppliers would return the money to us.

You are always asking for money, what have you done with everything we have contributed so far?

We would like to say that we have raised so much money that we have even been able to set us at least a small salary to compensate for the enormous hours of work we put into the event. But this is not the case. However, thanks to the effort you have made over the years, we have reached the start of the campaign with a little more than 12,000 euros saved (about 8,000 from the Goteo campaign and about €4,000 from last year's edition).

With this money, if the circumstances were the same as in 2019, we would have almost 10,000 euros more than then!!!, which would give us a cushion and a financial peace of mind like never before. We would have been able to keep part of it for unforeseen expenses and use another part to improve the event. However, as we have told you many times, doing Freak Wars is like a board game where the deck of cards always has unpleasant surprises in store for you. Or better yet, like playing Demon's Souls, each edition has an even more complicated final enemy that you have to prepare for from scratch. But we don't give up and we know we can count on all your support, so we'll keep going year after year whatever comes along!!!

What about tournaments and contests? If I buy a ticket now, how do I register for an activity later?

This campaign consists of tickets for the event and registrations for art contests (painting, sculpting and illustration). If you want to participate in any other activity (tournaments, cosplay, etc.), you will have to register when the entries go on sale. However, buying your ticket now will give you access to the pre-registration phase of each tournament, which will open a few days before for participants in this campaign. That is why if you are planning to register for an activity, it is vital that you have your ticket now to have a better chance of being able to register for the activity of your choice.

What activities are confirmed?

The ones we list here, but for the others, we will have many of the ones we had in 2019 with some novelties.

  • III Warhammer 40000 GT (teams of 6)
  • Kill Team 2Ed tournament
  • Age of Sigmar tournament
  • Warhammer Underworlds tournament
  • Bloodbowl tournament
  • Lord of the Rings tournament
  • Painting contest
  • Sculpting contest
  • Illustration contest
  • Speed painting contest
  • Cosplay contest
  • Fast prop making contest

When will more activities be confirmed and registrations open?

Once the campaign is over, if it is successful, we will take a few weeks off until 2022. We will then start to announce more activities and open registrations, so stay tuned!!!

If I pick a pack with a T-shirt, how do I choose my size?

Later on you will be provided with a coupon so that you can choose the size of the shirt you want.

How will you deliver the merchandising packs to me?

As in previous years, all merchandising will be handed out at the information stand during the event.

Which are the stretch goals of this campaign?

Here you have all the information.

How do the raffles among campaign participants work?

Here you have all the information.

I want to know all the legal details, where can I see them?

Here you have all the information.

I've read everything, but after so many infinite game rules it's not enough for me

If you have any doubts, now is the time to write to us at info@freakwarsmadrid.com.